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Boston Globe, 18 January 2004 – Judy Budz
“…if [Chevalier] is aiming for a grand historical tapestry, the novel's prettily woven millefleurs of event and character provide most successful illustrations of the late Middle Ages.” Read entire review

Washington Post, 18 January 2004 – Deborah Davis
“With great insight, invention and a remarkable eye for detail, Chevalier breathes life into artists and artisans, their subjects and surroundings and, most important, their magnificent creations.” Read entire review

Denver Post, 11 January 2004 – Robin Vidimos
“Chevalier effectively imagines and translates a reality that feeds the creation of great art. Whether the story is real never comes under consideration; it is the combined magic of good storytelling and masterpiece art that makes ‘The Lady and the Unicorn’ a memorable work.” Read entire review

New York Times, 21 December 2003 – Wendy Smith
“Chevalier is too careful and thoughtful a writer to paint by numbers. Although the premise of ''The Lady and the Unicorn'' superficially resembles that of ''Girl With a Pearl Earring,'' the more important similarity lies in their author's ability to populate a period setting with subtly rendered, surprisingly complex characters.” Read entire review

Publishers Weekly, 8 December 2003
“…the genuine drama Chevalier orchestrates as the weavers race to complete the tapestries, and the deft way she herself weaves together each separate story strand, results in a work of genuine power and beauty.” Read entire review

Kirkus Review, 15 November 2003
“Marvelously imagined and sharply constructed, with a good feel for the people and the era: a fascinating portrait of the intersection of life and art.” Read entire review

Booklist, 1 November 2003
“The story she weaves is as lush as the tapestries she describes, and her colorful characters leap off the page. A romantic, beautiful book.” Read entire review

Time Out, 2 October 2003 – Lottie Moggach
“Undeniably satisfying.” Read entire review

Guardian, 20 September 2003 – Helen Falconer
“On the academic front, here is the old Chevalier, exact and guarded, accurate and self-contained…On the erotic front, she positively explodes, the shy smiles of Pearl Earring replaced by a terrific torrent of carnal imagery, every sense invoked and appetite exploited.” Read entire review

The Times (London), 20 September 2003 – Michèle Roberts
“Charming.” Read entire review

Evening Standard (London), 15 September 2003 – Alison Weir
“A compelling and enormously enjoyable work, with characters that would not have been out of place in the frank and bawdy tales of Boccaccio…it has proved to me that the historical novel is still alive, well and thriving.” Read entire review

Independent on Sunday (London), 14 September 2003 — Sue Gaisford
“Chevalier's gift is not limited to undercover education and the creation of lively characters. What she does best is to study a famous work of art with the eyes of a bright, inquisitive child, teasing out a story that might lie behind it.” Read entire review