Chicago Sun-Times, 3 August 2003 – Thomas Haley
"A smart and well-crafted debut" Read entire review

Los Angeles Times, 29 June 2003 – Michael Harris
“Where Chevalier shines is in her clean prose and her descriptions of rural French and Swiss life, then and now”
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Irish Times, 16 November 2002
“There’s a sense of light, colour and sunshine throughout this novel… an intriguing mix of detective tale, ghost story and infidelity all rolled into one.” Read entire review

The Times (London), 9 November 2002
“a beautifully crafted story shot with vivid colours” Read entire review

The Independent (London), 1 February 1997
“a good read: no clichés in sight, a well-made story with characters who walk and talk just the way people do…”
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Sunday Express (London), 19 January 1997
“an intriguing and poignant read” Read entire review

Time Out (London), 15-22 January 1997
“Provincial life, superstition, gossip and malice are precisely caught, and the related women protagonists lodge in the mind. Excellent.” Read entire review