Charlotte Great and Small

Charlotte Great & Small
Brontë Parsonage, Haworth, Yorkshire
February – December 2016

Like her famous heroine Jane Eyre, Charlotte was “small, plain and obscure.” At Haworth she and her sisters lived in confined spaces, sharing beds, making tiny books together, all writing in one room. Despite being so constrained, however, Charlotte was also full of ambition. Installed throughout the Brontë Parsonage, this exhibition explores the contrast between the tiny things in Charlotte’s life and her huge ambitions. On display are items such as Charlotte’s clothes, miniature books, locks of hair, and a remarkable love letter loaned by the British Library. And new works by artists Ligia Bouton, Serena Partridge, Tamar Stone and The Knitting Witch have been made especially for Charlotte’s bicentenary and can be found throughout the house. You'll find videos about the making of Tamar Stone's intricate Brontë Bed here