Boston Globe, 19 April 2007
“Chevalier's writing is most lively and supple when depicting adolescent sexuality.”
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Sunday Times (London), 8 April 2007
“…highly pleasing…with a subtle clarity of style, quirky but seldom overdrawn characters, engaging touches of domestic detail and a splendidly vital recreation of Georgian London.”
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People Magazine, 2 April 2007
“Chevalier has a knack for re-creating the sights, attitudes and spirit of a historical period.”
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Christian Science Monitor, 30 March 2007
“lovingly etched characters and polished prose”
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Times Literary Supplement, 16 March 2007
“What redeems the novel is the consistency of Chevalier’s style, never forsaking the childlike perspective and expressive limitations of its young protagonists.”
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The Times, 3 March 2007
“Burning Bright is a visual delight.”
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Literary Review, 3 March 2007
“entertaining and involving”
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Daily Mail, 2 March 2007
“Vivid, romantic and pacey”
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Daily Express, 2 March 2007
“an ambitious, impressively-researched novel”
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Financial Times, 24 February 2007
"Her pen-sketches of the squalor, smells and sounds of low-life London flesh out the history into immediacy."
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