My Favorite Blake Quotes

Natural objects always did and do weaken, deaden and obliterate imagination in me!

I hate scarce smiles; I love laughing!

The man who never alters his opinions is like standing water,
and breeds reptiles of the mind.

Nature and Fancy are two things, and can never be joined,
neither ought any one to attempt it, for it is idolatry, and destroys the soul.

Truth is always in the extremes – keep them.

I am happy to find a Great Majority of Fellow Mortals who can Elucidate My Visions
and Particularly they have been Elucidated by Children who have
taken a greater delight in contemplating my Pictures than I had even hoped.

What is the price of Experience? Do men buy it for a song
Or wisdom for a dance in the street? No, it is bought with the price
Of all that a man hath, his house his wife his children.

My Fingers emit sparks of fire with Expectation of my future Labours

I can look at a knot of wood till I am frightened at it.

…the moment I have written I see the words fly about the room in all directions.

Tuesday January 20, 1807 between Two & Seven in the Evening – Despair

I cannot consider death as anything but a removing from one room to another.