quilt detail


Splendid Shreds of Silk and Satin

A Celebration of Charlotte Brontë in Quilts

Bankfield Museum
Halifax, Yorkshire
16 April – 11 June 2016

The Brontë sisters all did a lot of sewing, and the Parsonage collection includes a quilt they made. As a novice quilter myself, I decided to put out a call to all Yorkshire quilters to make miniature quilts interpreting this quote from Jane Eyre: “A certain little drawer, full of splendid shreds of silk and satin.” The results will be on display at the Bankfield Museum in Halifax, Yorkshire. As a special addition, three members of the Totley Brook Quilters from Sheffield have also made a new version of the Brontë quilt, which will be displayed alongside the original at the Bankfield Museum.